SAN FRANCISCO — TRA, the technology innovator that specializes in quantifying and maximizing advertising ROI, which was acquired by TiVo earlier this year, is preparing to go all media.  At the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco, Vice Chariman, founder and CRO Bill Harvey spoke with us about this development.

He explains that, "Cable is now at a point where they’ve kind of topped out in terms of gaining new customers in the U.S. And they’re very conscious of that and wanting to retain their customers."  A big part of this includes offering customers a "TV everywhere" experience.

As more viewers start watching television on multiple devices, advertisers are following suit and, as a result, TRA is branching out.  Harvey says, "We’ve been very focused on TV…now we’re following the advertisers that we serve into digital."  The company will be making an announcement in the coming months about what this means and how it will affect the measurement of ROI.

Megan O’Neill