SAN FRANCISCO —  Beauty TV is an over-the-top television network dedicated to broadcasting beauty content 24/7.  Beet.TV spoke with the network’s CEO, Rob Angelino, at the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco to find out about Beauty TV’s strategy, as well as Angelino’s take on Smart TV.

Angelino explains that the Smart TV platform is still in it’s infancy stage.  "We’re at the genesis of this whole thing, and I’m just trying to get my brand…on all platforms," he says.  "It’s all about getting eyeballs to the site."

In the interview, Angelino also talks about Beauty TV’s revenue strategy, which he says is two-fold, including sponsored advertising as well as advertising designed to trigger sales.  Beauty TV is also working towards carrying their own products and educating consumers about these products through the network’s content.

Megan O’Neill