Brightcove’s Whatcott: Content More Discoverable Via Mobile Web Than Apps

LONDON – Content is more discoverable via mobile web than apps, which prevents visibility to search engines, says Brightcove’s marketing chief, Jeff Whatcott, in this video interview with Beet.TV


The Future of Real-Time News Is Unfolding in Syria, the AP’s International Video News Director

LONDON — The future of real-time news gathering will be an army of smartphone users uploading live events via apps including Bambuser, which are authenticated by the Associated Press, and distributed via the giant news organization, says Sandy MacIntrye, the AP’s Vice President and Director of International Video News, in this segment from the Beet.TV […]


Livestation: Keeping Live Video News “Fresh” by Time Shifting on the Web

LONDON – Livestation, an aggregation site for linnear satellite and cable news channels, has introduced a means to “time shift” viewing in a sort of DVR-type scenario, explains Lippe Oosterhof of the London-based company.


Financial Times Video Chief: Video Is a “Shop Stall” For The Global Paper

LONDON – The Financial Times video offering is a sort of a “shop stall” for audiences who are less savy about the paper and a way to bring them into the fold, says Global Video Editor, Josh de la Mare, in this interview with Beet.TV

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