Programmatic Now ‘A Much More Refined Way’ To Transact Media: Condé Nast’s Jim Norton

Although it may feel like programmatic advertising has been around forever, it’s actually “still new and it’s still very much involving,” says Condé Nast’s Jim Norton. Along the way, the industry has gone from an open-bidded marketplace where it was “a bit of spray and pray and hope you get good impressions and good audiences” […]


Demand Source Diversity Yields More Than 100,000 Monthly Buyers: Advance Local’s Jeff Sutton

Think local, act local could well describe the mindset at Advance Local during its two-decade evolution from a newspaper group to a print and online publisher. Now generating some 50 million monthly unique visitors across 10 sites, the company is the #1 news and information site in each of its markets, per comScore. “We’re really […]


New York Times’ Sara Badler: Taking The Direct Programmatic Sales Route With Few SSP’s

Sara Badler is quite direct when discussing programmatic advertising at The New York Times. Much like the Times itself. “We are still very much a direct business. We are a programmatic direct business,” Badler, who is Director, Programmatic Advertising for the Times says in this interview with Beet.TV. One thing that distinguishes the Times is […]


Videology Seeks To Be The Unified Platform In The Advanced Television Space, CEO Ferber explains

While converged television and video advertising software provider Videology started on the demand-side of the ad business, it’s also had good traction on the supply side. Now it wants to be the unifying factor in making advanced TV the most effective and efficient it can be for both sides of the table. “What we’re trying […]


IPG’s Media Lab Is Agency’s Spotter For Tech Trends, Simon Says

COLOGNE – How does a media company stay abreast of and adopt new technologies to best effect. For many, the answer is to create a “lab”, a division whose sole purpose is to let in-house geeks test out and apply transformational new tech. And IPG Mediabrands is no different. Its IPG Media Lab is devoted to finding […]


Drones And VR Firing Marketers’ Imagination: MediaLink’s Carty

COLOGNE — Once upon a time, multi-platform proliferation meant “desktop, tablet and smartphone”. Now, we are entering an era when virtual worlds, connected toasters and even unmanned aerial vehicles represent new challenges and opportunities for brands. Neil Carty, innovation strategy SVP of marketing consulting agency MediaLink, calls all the new platforms “data exhausts”, emitting cues that marketers can better use to […]


Programmatic Edges In To 2017 TV Upfronts As Clypd Goes To Europe

COLOGNE – So-called “programmatic” methods of targeting or trading advertising may be typically associated with online media platforms – but that doesn’t mean something of the techniques can’t also be applied to linear TV. Indeed, programmatic looks like playing a part in the next TV upfront season beginning next spring, when networks will tout their upcoming shows to advertisers […]


Blame Attribution Analytics, Not Television: Durrios Of Neustar MarketShare

COLOGNE-Traditional “last touch attribution” for measuring advertising is out of touch with today’s analytics and could help to explain some of the headlines about how television just isn’t working as it used to, according to Jean-Philippe Durrios. “The industry has known this for a awhile. But more and more it’s becoming more democratized, that you […]


Isobar’s Gee: Creative Agencies Are Service Designers, Not Broadcasters

COLOGNE-Matt Gee has his own take on the nature of the transformation sweeping the advertising industry. He envisions advertising as evolving into a kind of “service design” provider, which helps to put technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality in an interesting perspective. Gee, who was recruited to Aegis Dentsu’s Isobar UK as Head of […]


AOL’s Kline Sees Location-Based Mobile As ‘Untapped Frontier’

COLOGNE-To the world at large, the fate of Yahoo had been a long-running saga that seemed like it would never end. But to AOL CMO Allie Kline, the deal joining AOL and Yahoo is a big momentum boost for the “flywheel” of data-driven advertising and content under the Verizon umbrella. With Verizon already having scooped […]


IPG & Innovid Partner To Find The Right OTT Recipe

COLOGNE — What’s the best way to deliver commercial viewing experiences to viewers in the interactive TV age? The new platform opportunity is considerable, but could be squandered by overly aggressive or jarring messaging. That’s why Interpublic’s IPG Mediabrands is partnering with interactive-TV advertising firm Innovid. The pair are collaborating to find the right recipe for […]


Samba TV Brings Real-Time, Cross-Device TV Attribution To Europe

COLOGNE — Imagine if advertisers and broadcasters could know, with certainty, which TV shows viewers were watching, for how long and how attentive they were? That’s what companies like Samba TV are claiming to offer. Launched in 2008 and backed by investors including Mark Cuban, the outfit works by having software embedded on some 180m […]


Brands Must Optimize Quick Creative Mobile: Yahoo’s Revenue Chief

COLOGNE — Advertisers have got better at using data to derive real meaning from campaigns – now they need to improve the way they port their messages to new platforms. That’s according to the woman who runs revenue at recently-acquired Yahoo. Lisa Utzschneider tells Beet.TV: “We’ve become much more sophisticated over time about how to turn […]


Performics’ CEO Targets Intent And Consumer Demand

COLOGNE — Marketers’ imperatives have changed a lot. That’s why media agency holding group Publicis recently brought together many of its disparate capabilities together in to a new division, Performics, focused on executing performance-based media outcomes across the board. Performics’ CEO Michael Kahn says the agency covers a range of advertising channels: Biddable Programmatic Search Social Mobile Display Direct-response Direct-response […]


Wraparound Ads Blend Impact With Sensitivity: Sublime Skinz Founder

COLOGNE — Print media are used to wraparound ad formats, which see brands take over the front and back pages of newspapers or magazines. Online media are also catching up to a format that can both retain the primacy of the original product and offer brands big-league impact. You may have seen more and more websites offering […]


Industry’s Appetite For Vertical Video Is Rising: Opera’s Yang

COLOGNE — Once upon a time, video was a landscape format. Now the rise of new platforms and services means we have square and even mobile-sized vertical to contend with. But what may be difficult, at first, for creative agencies to adjust for can end up being desirable to buyers and sellers alike. “On the publisher side, […]


Half Of Ads Are Mistargeted: Facebook Atlas’ Webb

COLOGNE — It’s one of the biggest problems in advertising, even though many ad-tech vendors think they have solved the issue. “On average, anything from 40% to 60% of ads are served to the wrong audiences,” according to Stephen Webb, the EMEA regional director for Facebook’s Atlas ad server platform. “Which is why men are getting […]


Hybrid Dynamic Ad Insertion Scales Well For Huge Audiences: Adobe’s Foster

COLOGNE-While dynamic ad insertion is hardly a nascent concept, there is a debate over the merits of executing it solely with server-side technology. Adobe, whose Primetime technology NBC used for the Summer Olympics in Rio, believes it’s not simply an issue of client or server side. “There are major benefits and tradeoffs with server-side ad […]


GroupM Connect Is WPP’s ‘Unifier’ In Real-Time Media Space

COLOGNE-WPP Group hasn’t wasted any time incubating GroupM Connect, its digital agency platform specializing in real-time and biddable media. In two years it’s grown to more than 2,000 people and made a number of acquisitions because “We firmly believe that anything that can be bought programmatically going forward will be,” said Ruud Wanck, Worldwide CEO […]


Addressable Gives Broadcasters More Yield, Optimization Control: Videology’s Block

COLOGNE-As a former tech staffer at ITV in London, Jon Block knows the many challenges facing linear television broadcasters as they plunge into the addressable space. So it is with a fair amount of confidence that the VP of Product & Platform, EMEA, at converged TV and video advertising software provider Videology declares an industry […]

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