COLOGNE — Once upon a time, multi-platform proliferation meant “desktop, tablet and smartphone”. Now, we are entering an era when virtual worlds, connected toasters and even unmanned aerial vehicles represent new challenges and opportunities for brands.

Neil Carty, innovation strategy SVP of marketing consulting agency MediaLink, calls all the new platforms “data exhausts”, emitting cues that marketers can better use to target advertising.

  • Drones: “When you look in the context of the type of drones that I saw at CES last year, it’s about, ‘What kind of content can it capture? What are some of the sensors and other data they’re bringing in that can inform other contextual targeting with other devices – not just that specific technology?’
  • VR: “It’s interesting to see (marketers) demo virtual reality. Its the first time I’ve seen them put on the headset and say, ‘Now I get what this can do for my brand and how I can apply it’ – perhaps we’re in a later phase in the US for these immersive technologies.”

He was speaking at the advertising conference DMEXCO, in Cologne, Germany.