COLOGNE — What’s the best way to deliver commercial viewing experiences to viewers in the interactive TV age? The new platform opportunity is considerable, but could be squandered by overly aggressive or jarring messaging.

That’s why Interpublic’s IPG Mediabrands is partnering with interactive-TV advertising firm Innovid. The pair are collaborating to find the right recipe for the over-the-top viewing experience.

“Not a lot of people are really thinking about the viewing experience,” Innovid CTO Tal Chalozin tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “When you turned on the television, it just worked.

“With the internet coming to television, we want to make sure that it will still be stunning.”

That’s the theory, but what’s the practice? It boils down to discovering ways to engage consumers in brand offers in ways that respect the powers of each channel – and the linkages between them.

“Connected TV allows a viewer to indicate he or she is interested and would like to learn more about the brand,” Chalozin adds. “I can very easily press a remote button and say, ‘Yes, I’m interested in the offer you have – text it to my phone and I would like to save it to my Apple Wallet’.”

New York-headquartered Innovid helps companies make ad creative for over-the-top devices, secure delivery and measure the advertising.

Its current projects include developing “marketing middleware for the OTT space”, integrating in to marketing automation systems and striking social network partnerships for video delivery. This summer, the company tapped John Piccone to be its chief growth officer.

This interview was taped at DMEXCO ’16. It is part of a video series of industry leaders. The series is sponsored by Videology. For more Beet.TV coverage of DMEXCO, please visit this page.