Media Measurement Needs to Diversify Beyond Ad Currencies: Innovid’s Jessica Hogue

LAS VEGAS – Setting the value of advertising transactions in what’s mostly known as a currency has been a key topic as marketers aim to compare different media outlets such as traditional linear television with on-demand video streams. But measurement has many other roles in helping media buyers and sellers to understand the marketplace. “There’s […]


Clean Rooms Are Even Powering Internal Data Collaboration: Annalect’s Gitlin

LAS VEGAS — They may be commonly used to allow different companies to collaborate on audience data sets without sharing them – but “clean rooms” could even find use within a single company. Clean room technology allows media buyers and sellers to match their consumer data without directly sharing it with each other. With privacy […]


Disney’s McGraw Sees Maturing Adoption For Ad Clean Rooms

LAS VEGAS — When you have a footprint the size of Disney’s, data collaboration is a necessity. But the new privacy environment makes sharing audience data understandably limited. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dana McGraw, SVP, Audience Modelling & Data Science, The Walt Disney Company, explains how new “clean room” software is moving the […]


Business Outcomes Underlie Accurate Media Measurement: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis

LAS VEGAS – Marketers what to know not only that target audiences saw their advertisements, but also that their campaigns led to an action such as a store visit, app download or final purchase. Obtaining those metrics has become complicated as the media environment becomes more fragmented into different silos or “walled gardens.” “We still […]


GM’s Kapoor Is Kicking The Tires Of Ad Clean Rooms

LAS VEGAS — General Motors wants to respect its audiences’ privacy – and it is testing-out new tech to do it. “Clean rooms are, from my perspective, the future,” says Ajay Kapoor, Global Director, Performance-Driven Marketing, GM, In this video interview with Beet.TV. Kapoor says marketers like him are trying out the emerging software category. […]


Pinterest Loves ‘The Beauty Of Clean Rooms’: Sweeney

LAS VEGAS — For a platform that majors on interior-design photography, there are a great many rooms on Pinterest. But Carrie Sweeney, Industry Lead, Retail, Pinterest, is currently fixated on this season’s other hottest trend – data clean room software that enables privacy-compliant media partner collaboration. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sweeney explains why Pinterest […]


2023 Is ‘Year of Reckoning’ for Ad-Related Data and Technology: Havas’s Mike Bregman

LAS VEGAS – Economic disruptions can be painful, but they also can drive greater innovation. As the world’s commercial activity slows, marketers and advertising agencies will be making tough decisions about the business partners they want in the next recovery. “It’s gonna be a year of reckoning for sure. There’s an overabundance of companies right […]


CTV Ad Transparency Will Spur More Media Spending: Innovid’s Tal Chalozin

LAS VEGAS – Consumers are spending more time with streaming video than with traditional linear television and marketers want to reach them as platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ expand their advertising inventories. “It’s pretty obvious that eyeballs are shifting and the reason that dollars are not yet following suit as we get from a […]


Clean Rooms Move The Needle Without Moving Data: Fox’s Sherriff

LAS VEGAS — Despite privacy regulation and the deprecation of digital identifiers, publishers and ad buyers are finding new ways to tap into their audiences. In fact, “clean room” technology is allowing them to collaborate with audience data in a way that doesn’t require moving it. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Darren Sherriff, VP, […]


Partnership With Albertsons Comes as CTV and Retail Media Collide: Omnicom’s Megan Pagliuca

LAS VEGAS – Omnicom Media Group, the media planning and buying unit of Omnicom Group Inc., and Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media arm for grocery chain Albertsons Cos., announced a collaboration aimed at helping brands to target audiences and measure performance on connected television. Omnicom Media will be able to combine audience data from […]


Innovation & Ownership: Data Clean Room Trends, From Habu’s Kilmartin

LAS VEGAS — It may be the piece of software many marketers wish they didn’t need to have – but data clean rooms are helping advertisers transform what they can do with audience and customer information. Clean room technology allows media buyers and sellers to match their consumer data without directly sharing it with each […]


Uber Plans to Expand Ad Platform with In-Car Video Tablets: Uber’s Mark Grether

LAS VEGAS – Uber Technologies Inc. this month will expand its burgeoning advertising platform with the rollout of mobile tablets in ride-share vehicles that show videos to passengers. The company is introducing the service in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with plans to expand worldwide. “We cannot only show you a short-form video clip, a […]

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