Future Belongs to Video, Live Shopping and Personalization: Twitter’s Sarah Personette Chats with Dentsu’s Doug Rozen

Marketers will increase their spending on social media advertising by more than 21% this year, Dentsu forecast this week. The agency said ecommerce will be an important driver of this growth as brands seek sales conversions directly within social media apps. Twitter is among the social media platforms that seek to prolong consumer engagement with […]


P&G’s Austin Balances Rich Ads, Data Proportionality & Measurement Revolution

A few years after P&G’s marketing chief called for a massive clean-up of the advertising ecosystem, how is the multi-national; company faring? In this video interview with Zach Leonard for Beet.TV, the company’s senior director of global brand building and media innovation, Eric Austin, explains his approach. Guiding lights He has “three guiding principles” for […]


Life After 30 Seconds: Roku’s Helfman Beckons The Future Of TV Ads

Roku had the ad space, now it has the ability to fill them. It is 10 months since the TV platform launched Roku Brand, Studio, a team helping produce new creative ad formats and programming tailored to the device. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Roku’s Rachel Helfman explains how it is going. New-screen content […]


Metaverse ‘Will Have Lot Of Sponsorship Opportunities’: Meta’s Dailey

It may be in the earliest throes of creation, but Meta is already hoping to entice brands and ad buyers into the metaverse. The rebooted Facebook owner’s agency relations team is already warming up the ad community. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jason Dailey, director, head of agency at Meta, explains a three-staged evolution […]


Discussions About Ad Currency Are Encouraging: Digitas’ Megan Jones

The rapid shift in people’s television viewing habits in the past couple of years has escalated demands for more accurate measurement of that activity. Marketers and media companies seek an advertising currency to set a value for viewership of traditional linear television and newer streaming services. “The investment behind linear still remains quite high compared […]


Raging Bull: Sorrell Wants Marketing Data To Match Tech Velocity

One of the ad industry’s great soothsayers expects digital spending to be the ad industry’s major driver in 2022, as economic growth tails off. But Sir Martin Sorrell thinks the industry could be growing faster if companies got their marketing data fit for purpose. Former WPP CEO Sorrell’s S4 Capital this month completed its latest […]


How Data Latency Impacts Outcomes: TVSquared’s Hindlian

In the emerging world of advanced TV advertising, it isn’t just the ability to use and match audience data that is of critical importance. The speed with which that can happen plays a crucial rule in the efficacy of such campaigns. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jessica Hindlian, SVP, Identity & Partnerships at TVSquared, […]


Advertisers Drive Innovation in Data Usage: MediaWallah’s Nancy Marzouk

Marketers face growing challenges in reaching target consumers as privacy laws give them more control over their personal information. Amid the gradual disappreance of online tracking cookies, advertisers need scalable technologies to manage data that consumers consent to share while also protecting their privacy. Data clean rooms that allow advertisers and media outlets to match […]


Brands Need Help Adjusting To Remote Innovation: Mediaocean’s Nardone

Has the novelty of remote working worn off? The answer to that depends on who you ask. But, if you ask John Nardone, he’ll say a lot of brands are now struggling to cope with the twin pressures of the “great resignation” and the wish to enact boundary-pushing change. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nardone […]


How To Scale Ads For Live Streaming: Magnite’s Evans

So far in the evolution of streaming TV, the majority of the focus has been around on-demand consumption. But live viewing is growing fast, as IP delivery becomes normalized as a delivery channel. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Katie Evans, Chief Operating Officer, Magnite, says that means a number of new technical hurdles MVPDs […]


Innovation Pushes Brand Storytelling in New Directions: NBCUniversal’s Josh Feldman

The Consumer Electronics Show highlights the innovations that have the potential to transform the way people work, play and otherwise spend their time. The media and marketing industries are undergoing their own technological transformation, but some basic principles still apply. “Brands and media partners are innovating at record speeds, but the one thing that has […]


The New Laws Of The Attention Economy: OMD’s Hanson

As sections of the ad industry pivot away from so-called “proxy metrics”, many are leaning into two different kinds of marketing measurement – actual ad outcomes, and attention tracking. For upper-funnel brand goals, that second one is important. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Chrissie Hanson, Global Chief Strategy Officer, OMD, tells The Project-X Institute […]


Nielsen’s Big Year: Alpha Launch & MRC Re-Accreditation

After a year in which the consensus around traditional media measurement splintered and moved into the future, Nielsen has a big 2022 ahead. The company is advancing a product line-up it hopes answers industry demands for cross-media measurement. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nielsen chief operating officer Karthik Rao talks about two of Nielsen’s […]


What Is Attention Worth? Dentsu’s Rozen Cracks The Code With EACPM

Advertising has always been part of the attention economy, a concept that is at least as old as the web. Recently, after a couple of decades of measuring consumers’ actions, sections of the marketing industry are striving to re-value media inventory in line with consumers’ attention. But how do you measure and price attention accordingly? […]


‘Comscore Everywhere’ Befriends Fragmentation With Cross-Screen Measurement

In response to the cry for standardization of complex, proliferating media metrics, a growing glut of cross-platform currencies is expanding by the week. In the latest such announcement, Comscore is launching Comscore Everywhere, what it’s calling “a true single-source unified cross-platform measurement solution”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comscore CEO Bill Livek explains the […]

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