Programmers Must Protect Pricing In Addressable Surge: SpotX’s Cooke

The masses are coming. The online masses consuming TV through all manner of internet-connected devices, that is. All of a sudden, TV isn’t what it used to be. And neither will TV advertising be. The ability to target individual viewers may signal the death knell for a sector that has long sold its spots on loose, […]


WideOrbit Gobbles Up The TV Ad Universe, CEO Says

It’s the behemoth media platform that has a hand in a large proportion of US TV ad spending. So why do so few people talk about WideOrbit? The San Francisco-based company offers a software platform that handles scheduling, billing, content management and invoicing for mostly local TV ads around the US. CEO Eric Mathewson tells Beet.TV […]


Election Sweet Spot Making Addressable Hum, DISH’s Gaynor

The opportunity to deliver customised TV ads tailored to individual households is new and fast emerging, and you could scarcely pick a better exemplar for the discipline than an election. Fortunately, an election is happening right now. And addressable TV has been used by candidates to deliver messages in key states, tailored to individual homes with target voters. “The […]


Viacom’s Zilberbrand On The Nuances Of ‘Programmatic’ Broadcast Television

The television industry has made great strides trading on alternatives to selling advertisers exposure against demographic targets. But true, biddable “programmatic” broadcast inventory remains a longer-term goal . This is how Viacom’s Julian Zilberbrand sums up the semantics surrounding the current state of programmatic television. In an interview with Beet.TV, the company’s EVP of Audience Science […]


AT&T AdWorks More Than Doubles Addressable TV Clients Post DIRECTV Deal

Fifteen months after AT&T acquired DIRECTV to become the largest pay-television provider, AT&T’s transformation from a telecom company to an entertainment company is bearing fruit in the addressable advertising space. “Addressable advertising is pinnacle to our advertising offering and certainly core to our growth,” says Maria Mandel Dunsche, VP and Head of Marketing for AT&T […]


Next Wave Of Advanced TV: Cross-Company Standardized Targets, Says Viacom’s Rush

Viacom’s Colleen Fahey Rush longs for the day when target definitions that fuel the proprietary advanced television solutions built by individual media companies can be standardized. However, “I think it’s going to take a little longer than 12 months for what comes next,” Rush says in an interview with Beet.TV. The company’s EVP and Chief […]


Mediavest | Spark Sees Addressable Outpacing Programmatic, OTT Television

Within the triad that is advanced or precision television advertising, household addressable has clearly moved ahead of programmatic and over-the-top in terms of marketer adoption for clients of Mediavest | Spark. “Addressable is now regular course of business for a number of our clients,” says Jonathan Bokor, SVP, Director of Advanced Media for the Publicis […]


Rovi And TiVo Union Closes The Loop On Audience Targeting, Inventory Management

Playing both ends against the middle is an age-old tactic with which most children and parents are familiar. For TiVo, in its new iteration after being acquired by Rovi, the idiom sums up the combined forces being brought to bear on the business of audience targeting. Working the front end and back end of television […]


Advanced Television Is About Buying Audiences, Not Space: Cadreon’s Kumar

Arun Kumar deliberately avoids the term “programmatic” when talking about advanced television’s audience targeting potential. “All we’re trying to do is take some of the principals behind programmatic. We don’t want to buy space for the sake of buying space,” says the Global President of Cadreon, Interpublic Group’s ad tech unit. Semantics aside, Kumar is […]


Turner’s Speciale Mulls Two-Minute Ads Replacing 30-Second Spots

Web users don’t like too many ads, and TV viewers may feel the same way, too. That’s why, last October, Turner made a big announcement that it would reduce the ad load in some of its TV broadcasts. One year on, how is the initiative faring? Donna Speciale, Turner Ad Sales’ president, tells Beet.TV the early results are exploratory […]


Addressable Inertia Not Stopping Advertisers: 4C’s Neuhauser

By many accounts, there are now around 45mn US households which can receive so-called addressable TV ads, those targeted at the individual household level. But that’s fewer than half the total number of TV households, and getting here has been a slow slog. Yet the inertia is not stopping advertisers from embracing opportunities around TV targeting nevertheless. […]


Advanced TV Offers Better Targeting, More Consumer Choices: IBM iX’s Rangaiah

How does “advanced” television in all of its forms—OTT, VOD, online—come to resemble good old-fashioned network TV? When its ad inventory and viewers are concentrated among a few big players. To be sure, the advantages of advanced TV include the ability to use data for better audience targeting and results measurement, Babs Rangaiah, Partner for […]


CNN Sees 2017 Ad Revenue Boost After Election ‘Entertainment’

By most accounts, this presidential election campaign has been a momentously bad moment for democracy. But news networks are benefitting as viewers plug in to watch the horror show unfold, and advertisers follow them in. CNN is finding a bump from both planned and unexpected executions, according to its owner Turner’s ad sales president Donna Speciale. “News has […]