Within the triad that is advanced or precision television advertising, household addressable has clearly moved ahead of programmatic and over-the-top in terms of marketer adoption for clients of Mediavest | Spark. “Addressable is now regular course of business for a number of our clients,” says Jonathan Bokor, SVP, Director of Advanced Media for the Publicis media agency.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Bokor surveys the current landscape of addressable TV: forecast by eMarketer to hit roughly $850 million advertising spend in 2016 and approximately $1.5 billion by 2017. “That’s real money,” says Bokor. “It’s a significant amount of uptake for addressable, it’s growing every year, it’s delivering results.”

Chalk it up to being able to “do what we’ve always wanted in television,” which is linking viewer exposure to ads with any number of key performance indicators, according to Bokor.

“TV has always been something that we’ve known is effective. We’ve always known if you stop buying television that your sales will go down,” Bokor adds. Problem is, “It’s a really sort of a loose association.”

Some clients of Mediavest | Spark are return players to addressable while others are new to the game. Most active have been marketers that can come closest to matching exposures with actual sales, for example in the automotive, consumer packaged-goods and financial sectors.

“It’s been successful in those categories to the extent that other advertisers are saying, ‘Even though I might not be able to get that closed loop to a sale, that’s that’s something that I want to do,’” says Bokor.

Some Mediavest | Spark clients are also buying audience index programmatic TV, whether directly from a TV network or via a demand-side platform as an optimizer, according to Bokor.

Nonetheless, audience index programmatic and OTT “Are a little behind. We’re starting to see traction but it’s a little earlier than addressable,” Bokor says. “Addressable has moved beyond the test phase. It’s really moved ahead of the other two.”

This video is part of a series produced at the NYC TV and Video Week’s Advance Advertising summit. The series is sponsored by 4C Insights. For additional videos from the series, visit this page.