REWIND: Peacock Will Bring Innovation to Free, Ad-Supported Streaming: NBCU’s Laura Molen

Editor’s Note:  We are republishing this informative conversation between Bill Koenigsberg and Laura Molen with an added introduction from Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of VAB. The VAB is partner to Beet.TV in this 12-part series. This video was originally published in June.  This is one of  the segments from the series of selected videos we […]


‘We’re Rallying to ‘Eventize’ the Super Bowl’: ViacomCBS’s Jo Ann Ross

The Super Bowl is the biggest televised event, giving advertisers a chance to reach a massive audience with “tentpole” campaigns that often set the tone for the entire year. The big game is currently scheduled for Feb. 7, though the coronavirus pandemic has made the outlook for the National Football League’s season more uncertain. ViacomCBS, […]


‘It’s Up to Us to Close the Deal’ on Promoting Equality: BET Networks’ Louis Carr

Editor’s Note:  We are republishing this highly candid, informative conversation between Bill Koenigsberg and Louis Carr with an added introduction from Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of VAB. The VAB is partner to Beet.TV in this 12-part series.  This is one of three segments from the series we are re-publishing this month. We call this […]


‘We Have Opportunity to Drive Addressability Forward’: Vizio’s Adam Gaynor

Television advertising for years has been the best way to reach mass audiences, and ongoing technological advancements are helping to refine its reach with better targeting. Addressable TV advertising is poised to grow with upgrades to the ad-delivery infrastructure and integration with audience data that will shape the marketplace in the next decade. Adam Gaynor, […]


Connect Digital Ads to TV Viewing: Verizon Media’s Markman

LOS ANGELES –  TV audiences have more viewing choices than ever as technology transforms the media landscape, making measurement more challenging for advertisers. Verizon Media is taking steps to help marketers measure their omnichannel marketing efforts, most recently with the rollout of a service that provides more in-depth audience data to connect digital ads with […]


CTV Primed to Reach ‘Persuadable’ Cord Cutters in Extraordinary Election

Political candidates this year face a daunting task in reaching voters as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts traditional publicity efforts like rallies, conventions and stump speeches. Campaigns also must adjust to changing media consumption habits as more households cancel cable and satellite subscriptions, and connect their TVs directly to the Internet. Connected TV (CTV) has the […]


Marketers Seek More Insights on Programmatic Ads: Forrester’s Joanna O’Connell

Marketers are asking for better proof that their digital advertising is working, but many are frustrated with the programmatic marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of media electronically. Accountability is a top priority for marketers who seek greater transparency into the supply chain that connects them with digital media outlets, a recent study found. […]


True Crime Network’s AVOD Apps Seek Viewers on Every Screen: Tegna’s Brian Weiss

Television audiences have more viewing choices than ever before as media companies develop new ways to reach them on every kind of screen. For Tegna, one of the biggest owners of TV stations in the United States, the ongoing growth in media consumption is driving investments in technology. That effort includes ad-based video on demand […]


‘Buyers-First’ Mentality Drives Ad Sales Strategy: AMC’s Kim Kelleher

Editor’s Note:  We are republishing this highly candid, informative conversation between Mike Law and Kim Kelleher with an added introduction from Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of VAB. The VAB is partner to Beet.TV in this 12-part series.  This is one of four segments from the series we are re-publishing this month. We call this […]


Acquisitions Transform Mediaocean Into a Global Powerhouse

TV audiences are watching programming on a broader variety of screens, making media buying more complex for advertisers that want to reach target audiences as they move across platforms. Mediaocean is adapting to those changes as linear TV converges with streaming platforms and social media. With the financial backing of private-equity firm Vista Equity Partners, […]


Console Games Are Ripe for TV-Like Ads: Simulmedia’s Dave Madden

LOS ANGELES – TV-like advertising is starting to find a place in video games that people play on consoles like Sony PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox as the entertainment software industry undergoes a massive shift in the way games are distributed. Pioneering the effort to put commercials into video games is Simulmedia, an advertising technology startup […]


Let’s Move from GRP’s: Impression-Based Metrics Are Key for Video’s Growth: Effectv’s James Rooke

Consumers are watching video content on a broader range of devices including smartphones, making multi-screen measurement an essential part of the growth in video advertising. The shift in video consumption habits will underpin a move away from traditional methods of measuring viewership and toward metrics that include more media channels. “We need to move away […]


“We are an Audience Delivery Company,” Effectv’s James Rooke

Audience-based targeting is transforming TV advertising as marketers seek to reach consumers based on more robust data including their intentions to buy products and services. The shift has led Comcast Cable to emphasize a data-driven approach that builds on its foundation in local advertising for small- and medium-size businesses. “Our roots are very much in […]


OpenAP CEO David Levy Sees Improved Ad Tracking With iSpot.TV Partnership

LOS ANGELES – Advertisers are seeking more flexibility in their marketing campaigns, including the ability to target audiences among multiple media platforms in a cost-effective manner. They also want more insights into how their advertising drives business outcomes like sales, especially with media budgets being squeezed in the pandemic economy. In this environment, audience targeting […]


Younger Viewers Lure More Brands to CNN: WarnerMedia’s Katrina Cukaj

TV viewership this year has surged as people look for news, information and entertainment while being stuck indoors during pandemic lockdowns. That increased interest in late-breaking developments helped to boost viewership of CNN to the best second quarter in its 40-year history, more than doubling total viewers to 1.19 million for the total day. The […]


‘We’re Going After Everyone’ with Growth Strategy: Peacock’s Patricia Hadden

Comcast’s NBCUniversal entered the video streaming market with the launch of Peacock, which is now available on multiple platforms to watch on TV and mobile devices. The ad-supported service has a mix of live and on-demand programming including movies, news, sports, reality series and late-night shows for free, and a premium tier with exclusive original […]


‘AVOD World Will Be Booming’: Magnite’s Michael Barrett

The growing audience for advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) services like Pluto TV, Roku Channel and Tubi is driving a shift in media spending that’s likely to be long-lasting. More of their video ad inventory will be offered among programmatic platforms that shaped the market for digital display ads in the past decade. Magnite, a […]


Viewer Experience Drives Ad Strategy for HBO Max: WarnerMedia’s Joe Hogan

WarnerMedia made a strong push into the streaming video market with launch of HBO Max in May, and plans to introduce an ad-supported version with a lower subscription fee next year. The company is developing a strategy to open up advertising inventory while also being mindful about the viewer experience. “It will be a responsible […]


IAB Wraps 1st Virtual NewFronts With Eye Toward Future Growth

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is moving into a busy year ahead after wrapping up its NewFronts that were for the first time in a virtual format because of coronavirus pandemic. By bringing buyers and sellers together online, the IAB was able to expand attendance beyond the confines of an event space. Participation in this […]


Advertisers Seek Digital Flexibility from Linear TV: WarnerMedia’s Joe Hogan

The growing popularity of digital video is pushing linear TV platforms to innovate by offering greater flexibility to advertisers. That transformation is especially vital as the coronavirus pandemic and economic slowdown lead advertisers and agencies to shift their media-buying strategies. WarnerMedia is restructuring its operations as advertisers demand from linear TV the same kind of […]

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