Cannes Lions 2020: Focus on Business Outcomes, Purpose and Sustainability, Content Chief Charlotte Williams Tells Beet.TV

LONDON – The content agenda for the Cannes Lions festival in 2020 is now open for applications, and the year’s agenda themes have been set. The festival will host discussions around the most important topics influencing and shaping the creative and advertising industries. But most importantly, Charlotte Williams, Cannes Lions’ vp of content, wants to […]


Cannes 2020: Brand Marketers to Take to the Palais Stage as The Festival Ramps up CMO Activations

LONDON – Strong businesses lead to strong creative and marketing strategies, and vice-versa. Simon Cook, the managing director of Cannes Lions, believes that companies who win awards at the festival are directly impacting the health of the brands they work for. In a conversation with Beet.TV at the Cannes Lions headquarters in London, Cook says […]


Mythbusting with LiveRamp Video GM Allison Metcalfe

As advanced TV, addressable TV and connected TV all evolve, confusion around best practices is bound to arise, particularly as advertisers navigate new methods of audience identification, targeting and measurement. During the Beet Retreat, a half-day Beet.TV event in New York hosted by Publicis Media, Joanna O’Connell, principal analyst at Forrester Research, asked LiveRamp Video […]


Publicis’ Nicole Whitesel: Risk-Taking Is Central to Transforming the Upfronts

As advanced television takes a greater hold on the industry as a whole, Nicole Whitesel, EVP of Advanced TV at Publicis Media, believes that exploring unfamiliar territory is an essential step in connecting with advertisers and other networks. Whitesel was interviewed at the Beet Retreat at Publicis by Joanna O’Connell, VP & Principal Analyst at […]


Multiple Media Channels Drive the Flywheel: Chipotle’s Perdue

ORLANDO – To show the customer how Chipotle differed from other restaurant chains, the company hired an award-winning documentarian, Errol Morris, to take a camera into its kitchens and film the food prep process. As part of the brand campaign, two different pieces of content focused on Chipotle’s guacamole exemplified the range of platforms that […]


Understanding Customer Needs Secures Brands’ Futures: The Clorox Company’s Grier

ORLANDO – Storytelling is what connects customers to brands and helps them understand why and what to buy. Stacey Grier, CMO of The Clorox Company, wants to figure out how to use new media to tell stories in new and different ways that help the company and its brands breakthrough to a bigger audience. Grier, […]


Georgia-Pacific CMO Bergsma: Investing in Employees Leads to Better Outcomes

ORLANDO – Georgia-Pacific has changed its outlook on how to grow and leverage people in their roles within the company. In an interview with Beet.TV at the CMO Growth Council, Douwe Bergsma, CMO at Georgia-Pacific, explains the approach to keeping people happy, engaged and challenged within the company, particularly as employee expectations change, by not […]


Marketers Need to React in Real Time: MillerCoors’ Feinberg

ORLANDO – MillerCoors knows you tune out, and likely check your phone, during commercial breaks. As a company that relies on linear TV, and particularly live events like sports, in its advertising strategy, it’s looking to figure out how to still get in front of customers who aren’t paying attention to TV ad spots. Brad […]


IBM’s Rangaiah on Moving Beyond Advertising to Customer Experiences

ORLANDO – Think of the last best experience you’ve had. According to Babs Rangaiah, executive partner of marketing solutions for the Interactive Experiences unit of IBM, this last-best becomes the minimum expectation for future experiences of a similar kind. Rangaiah uses E-ZPass as an example of how quickly customers’ expectations can change. “Once E-ZPass was […]


IBM’s Hammer: A Brand Is a Great Place for Creatives

ORLANDO – The recruiting and training process on IBM’s marketing team doesn’t necessarily target those with a traditional marketing background, according to chief content officer George Hammer. In an interview with Beet.TV, Hammer explained how hiring creatives of all backgrounds can yield more meaningful results. Hammer describes how the evolving roles of a marketer are […]


Relevant Marketing and Products Will Win: Anheuser-Busch’s Marcondes

ORLANDO – Anheuser-Busch is investing in innovation by way of an internal team dubbed Apollo 11. The team, which operates separately from the company’s main operations, is dedicated to developing new, innovative products that resonate with customers’ evolving tastes. Ten to 20 innovations come out of the Apollo 11 team per year, one of which […]


Aetna’s Edelman: A Multicultural Approach to Employee Training Makes Better Marketers

ORLANDO – How do you extend your message to as many different populations as possible all while remaining authentic to both your mission and to the cultures you are aiming to reach? According to Aetna CMO David Edelman, the first step is to hold up the mirror to your own company. “We’ve launched a pretty […]


Fox’s Callahan: OpenAP Will Add Value For All Participating Parties

As the TV landscape is changing, there are certain things that stay the same. For Fox, that constant has been the habit of watching sports live, which has given the network the ability to engage an audience of millions during appointment viewing, an increasing rarity in programming. “It’s designed to be watched live, it draws […]


Get to Know the Evolving World of Data and Privacy: 4A’s Marla Kaplowitz

ORLANDO – Getting a better understanding of privacy and data will help protect agencies. In an interview with Beet.TV at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, Marla Kaplowitz, president and CEO of the 4A’s, says it will also help agencies connect with consumers. “It’s not just data for data’s sake,” says Kaplowitz. “It’s about understanding […]


Streaming Is in the Age of Acceleration: Pluto TV’s Morganstern

The key to Pluto TV’s value proposition lies with its 18 million monthly viewers who spend 185 minutes per session. These are cord cutters and cord nevers, says Harold Morganstern, svp and head of national sales at Pluto TV, and the service is able to give clients access to these customers that they might not […]


Entercom’s Lagana: There’s an Audio Renaissance and Brands Are All In

Entercom’s acquisition strategy is solidifying its position as a leading force in podcasting and podcast advertising. Having acquired Cadence 13, a podcast network, and Pineapple Studios, which specializes in both original and branded content, Entercom is riding the “renaissance in the audio space,” according to Ken Lagana, evp of digital sales and strategy at Entercom. […]


Dunkin’s Weisman: Constant Innovation Is Key to Survival

ORLANDO – To Tony Weisman, the CMO of Dunkin’, paranoia is necessary for brands’ survival. “If we keep serving the same product to the same consumers in the same way, over time, we’re going to go the way of a lot of other retail brands in recent years,” Weisman told Beet.TV in an interview at […]


Triad to Help Brands Build Shopper Marketing Strategies Via New Unit

ORLANDO – Triad plans to launch a new solution designed to help brands navigate the complex commerce environment, according to David Haase, the company’s global chief development officer. Under the umbrella name The Market are tools to help brands create marketing strategies and execution strategies across shopper marketing, national media and e-commerce sites. “All to […]


SAP’s Tillman: Marketers Need to Work to Build Better Data Sources

ORLANDO – SAP global CMO Alicia Tillman believes siloed data is holding the industry back. She’s working to solve it. A year ago, SAP joined forces with Microsoft and Adobe to launch the Open Data Initiative, a strategy that unites the data systems across the three companies to improve customer experiences for companies that operate […]


GroupM’s New Majority Ready Initiative Aims to Prepare Media for More Diverse Audiences

GroupM is spearheading a new initiative to help media companies prepare for and understand America’s new audience groups and demographics as the country becomes more diverse. Speaking with Beet.TV during Advertising Week, GroupM president Gonzalo del Fa says the goal of the initiative was to re-engineer the conversation around multicultural advertising in the US. “Multicultural” […]

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