In an age of distraction, many advertisers wish they could tap into a captive audience.

Well, there can be few more captive viewers than those on a jet plane.

That’s why United Airlines recently launched Kinective Media, billed as the world’s first traveler media network of scale.

In-flight Addressability

With over 165 million passengers flown in 2023 and more than 100 million unique IDs, United Airlines aims to offer advertisers premium audiences across an omnichannel network.

Kinective Media spans United’s entire digital ecosystem, from its website and app to airport lounges and gate information displays.

“The big thing will be the IFE, the inflight entertainment screen, and that we think will become the world’s probably most addressable TV screen,” says Richard Nunn, CEO of United Airlines MileagePlus, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“I think no one’s opened this whole sector up in terms of an airline at scale and the unique aspect of the dwell time in a plane.

Differentiating in the Commerce Media Space

The outfit aims to offer both brand and performance advertising opportunities. While the brand play may be obvious with video screens on planes and in lounges, Nunn emphasizes the performance aspect as well.

“There’s a play in terms of that whole data aspect as well on the performance side of life,” he says, referencing United’s relationships with Chase and Visa.

Kinective Media has partnered with LiveRamp to activate audience segments based on factors like destinations, cabin class, and household income levels.

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Tapping into New Verticals and Use Cases

United Airlines’ launch partners span beyond the travel industry, with luxury, auto, and finance brands already on board.

Nunn envisions emerging use cases with rideshare companies, who could leverage United’s data on when people are flying to optimize their most profitable airport routes.

Event-based companies could also activate campaigns on the fly, targeting passengers headed to specific destinations.

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