CANNES — The advertising industry is looking for alternative ways to target high-quality audiences as cookies disappear from the marketplace.

Retail media, with its access to valuable first-party data based on real shopper behaviors, is stepping up to fill this gap.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kristi Argyilan, SVP of Retail Media at Albertsons Companies, says retailers can now build scaled audiences based on people’s real shopping behavior, providing an upgrade from the industry’s past targeting methods.

Measuring Business Outcomes, Not Just Impressions

Retail media allows advertisers to measure whether a business outcome happened, moving beyond simply looking at impressions to analyzing how much of a product was sold.

“Everything that we do is around what they have permissioned us to do and what they’ve signaled to us, what they have told us they want us to do,” Argyilan tells Editorial Director Lisa Granatstein.

However, Argyilan notes that the systems and structures are not yet fully in place for the industry to fully benefit from all that retail media could do.

Collective TV: Making Connected TV More Manageable

Albertsons Companies, Inc. is a leading food and drug retailer in the United States. The company’s marketing strategy often features weekly ads, coupons, and loyalty programs, aiming to drive retail traffic and consumer engagement through targeted campaigns and personalized offers based on consumer data and shopping preferences.

And the company launched a full retail media offerings of its own, Albertsons Media Collective.

At Cannes Lions this year, Albertsons was talking about its “Collective TV” initiative, which aims to make connected TV (CTV) more manageable for buyers.

The company offers its audiences and measurement capabilities through The Trade Desk for buyers who want a DIY approach, as well as a managed service partnership with Google DV360 for those requiring a more premium experience.

Having worked on all sides of the media business, Argyilan is excited about the potential for retail media to fill gaps in the industry.

“You don’t have to have walled gardens, you don’t have to have winners and losers. It’s like everyone can grow their businesses together,” she says, believing that retail media is in a perfect position to create a more equitable ecosystem.

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