In Cannes, the Croisette in front of the town’s Palais des Festivals may be more commonly associated with the red-carpet glamor of the movie screen.

But, this week, Beet.TV is taking center-stage.

For the second consecutive year, Beet.TV has brought its own creative twist to the main thoroughfare outside the International Festival of Creativity. Beet Art is a collection of purple-hued spins on classic artworks – a reminder that creativity is about the art of the matter.

In this video interview with Beet.TV founder and CEO Andy Plesser, festival chair Phil Thomas says the idea is “really ideal”: “You’ve positioned it in exactly the right place – there’s so much foot traffic there, and I think it must’ve been valuable to you because you’ve done it again for another year.”

Andy says: “Everybody sees it, they love it, and we appreciate the partnership.”