In 2003, Harry Kargman founded Kargo, a company developing creative ad formats for mobile publishers.

Now Kargo is making headway with Kargman’s vision of bringing “art” to “advertising”.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kargman explains recent innovations.

Taking mobile innovation to TV Glass

Kargman is setting his sights on transforming the connected TV (CTV) landscape by bringing the company’s heritage of mobile innovation to the TV.

Kargman highlights that “this is the first year where all the TV streaming providers are introducing ad experiences directly into their streaming services.”

Thanks to being addressable, advertisers can now “do all of the amazing things they do in digital on CTV and TV glass.”

Audio to video ads

Kargo’s partnership with LG aims to explore the possibilities of high-impact display formats on LG TV sets and navigation screens. Kargman is looking to “create new formats and capability in CTV by merging the operating system with ad pods.”

He envisions a product called Audio & Visual, which utilizes an audio backtrack and three clean stills of a product, placed into a 15-second spot.

Advertisers can then “test which of these spots produces the best results and distribute them across streaming platforms, targeting the right households and demographics.”

Creative and media optimization for TV

Kargman believes that the industry is ready for creative and media optimization, but is still “stuck in old ways of thinking and buying.” He predicts that brands will “demand the same level of innovation seen in digital to be brought to CTV.”

This approach could work for brands of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses that can “test and learn how to reach the right households, driving the results they’re looking for.”

It could also revolutionize the way large companies, like pharma brands, produce spots by making it “easier and cheaper without the red tape around traditional TV commercials.”

Merging retail media and television

Kargo’s acquisition of StitcherAds a year and a half ago has allowed the company to “build digital product catalogues for major retailers across social platforms.”

Kargman envisions lifting these assets and putting them into “shoppable CTV formats, then bringing them back to social and mobile, creating a coordinated campaign that will drive results.”

This approach aims to “own the living room” by seamlessly connecting TV, social, and mobile platforms, ultimately driving transactions and enhancing the shopping experience.