The ability to use anonymized, bank-level purchase data to develop insights and even measure ad campaign outcomes has been gathering pace in the last few years.

But the trend’s application has been somewhat limited to the consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) sector.

Now, however, more sectors are starting to see the benefit, according to Howard Shimmel, Board Member, datafuelX.

Expanding analytics capabilities

Shimmel says Affinity Solutions, a company that aims to provide detailed analytics for an array of advertiser categories, is helping spread purchase data to more categories.

“What Affinity does is basically take the ability to leverage that type of analytic -optimizing against target audience, optimizing against outcomes – but do it for a whole bigger swath of advertiser categories… retail, travel, basically anything that people use a credit card to spend money on,” he says.

According to Shimmel, that kind of data provides great value to the media, offering improved targeting abilities and the potential to optimize packages based on actual product sales. This aligns with the way networks manage their inventory, further enhancing the value of the data provided, he says.

Affinity Solutions CEO: How Purchase Data Can Fuel The Media Ecosystem

datafuelX’s progress

Shimmel is the former AOL, Nielsen and Turner research and insights executive who has since become president of Janus Strategy & Insights and taken a number of advisory roles.

datafuelX offers analytics solutions for convergent TV and recently celebrated its second anniversary.

“We are making a lot of strides in being seen in market first as a replacement for Xandr Clypd in terms of being able to provide great data driven linear optimization capabilities,” Shimmel claims.

Solution in sight

With Shimmel’s media measurement and insights space shaken-up by the cross-screen revolution and alternative providers, Shimmel says: “The industry is poised to solve the cross-measurement problem.”

“For us, forecasting Nielsen or forecasting VideoAmp, it’s really the same thing – it’s just a different data input,” he adds.

He points to the work being done by the ANA’s Cross Media Measurement Initiative, which started with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). This initiative is pushing the industry to consider cross-platform approaches from planning, activation, and measurement perspectives.

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