In the latest such acquisition to bolster its ad-tech services, Tremor International has closed the $239 million deal to buy Amobee.

Amobee is a major supplier of demand-side platform (DSP) software and a rival to Tremor.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ofer Druker, CEO, Tremor International, explains how Amobee’s addition will help his company.

Buying demand

Tremor International is the company holding a collection of acquired units alongside its own Tremor Video:

  • Unruly.
  • Taptica.
  • Rhythm Influence.
  • Perk Canada.

“We want to buy additional sources of demand, meaning more clients that can basically integrate it into our platform,” Ofer says.

Best of both

Amobee itself had already made nine acquisitions, including of Videology, Turn and Adconion.

It has a strong customer footprint among broadcasters – around 500 clients, according to Ofer.

“It’s one of the only DSPs that stayed independent and around in this ecosystem,” he explains.

“They can basically enhance one of our core businesses, which is self-serve.”

But the benefits also run the other way.

“We will be able to offer most or almost all the clients of Amobee more services, more capabilities, more things that they need in one time in one platform,” the CEO adds.

Druker says Tremor will benefit both from Amobee’s talent and its global footprint, which includes particular traction in Australia, Singapore and the UK.

Soft performance

But the bigger picture, bigger than the two companies, is how the acquisition is positioned for the evolution of connected TV.

Druker says he believes marketers will soon start to demand performance capabilities from TV, in a way few are asking for today.

“Performance will come into CTV,” he says. “Their (Amobee’s) platform is also very equipped in order to conduct performance marketing or what we call ‘soft performance’.

“It’s more about brands that have targets, but they’re not thinking about purchases and stuff like that but other steps in the funnel.”