Consumers are spending a growing amount time watching video content on connected devices including smart TVs and mobile phones. As audiences divide their time among linear and digital channels, advertisers have sought more accurate methods to measure these activities – or a currency that indicates what they’re getting for their media spending.

“We really are hearing more and more of a narrative around the multicurrency future,” Avi Brown, senior vice president of revenue products at advertising and analytics company Samba TV, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “The future of currency really has to be a spectrum or a suite of different metrics that matter to the specific brands based on their business.”

Samba TV has developed a metric called incremental cost per thousand (ICPM) to help marketers better understand how their campaigns on streaming video platforms extend their reach beyond linear TV.

Source: Samba TV

“Effectively, the marketer only pays for impressions that are incremental to the impressions they’ve already achieved to their linear investments. So, it’s a performance guarantee against incrementality,” Brown said.

With its pilot program, Samba TV is seeking to develop ICPM into a measurement standard that’s adopted by marketers that buy advertising and video publishers that have media inventories to sell.

“Once we can prove out the efficiency, what we’re going to see — and what we’re hoping for — is adoption both on the sell side and buy side,” Brown said, “where Samba is able to provide a real third-party neutral source of truth for  these transactions between the agencies and the media companies they buy from.”

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