In this week’s BeetCast podcast, we are publishing the sound tracks some of the most compelling conversations in recent days.  During CES week, we spoke with many leaders in our industry.  Here are three which we find particularly compelling.

*Catherine Sullivan is CEO of PHD US, a unit of Omnicom Media Group. She speaks to the imperative for marketers to weave their message into the story, into the fan’s experience.

*Eric Austin,Senior Director, Global Brand Building & Media Innovation at Procter & Gamble speaks the proper value exchange between publisher, brand and the consumer.  In this segment, he chats with guest moderator Zach Rodgers.

*Jason Dailey, Director, Head of Agency at Meta speaks with me about the Metaverse and the opportunities that it presents to marketers and media companies. It is a really great explanation the Metaverse and why it matters.

Very pleased to present these conversations.

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