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We are finishing up this season in fine form with two leading figures in our industry:

This week’s guest is Laura Desmond and on August 9 we  publish our season finale my chat with Lou Paskalis.

Great to catch up with Laura, to unpack her incredibly successful career in private equity and in advisory roles post agency life.

Laura was one of the youngest CEOs when appointed to lead SMG globally in 2008, but that was only the first of many marks she has made on the agency and communications business since. She is regarded throughout the industry as a game-changer and a true innovator

She is an operating partner at Providence Equity Capital, a prominent private equity firm.  She is also the founder and CEO of Eagle Vista Partners, a strategic advisory and venture investing firm serving the marketing, technology and digital industries

She serves on the board of DoubleVerify, where she was the interim CEO.   Laura  played a central role in guiding the company’s public offering.  In our chat, she talks about the process of going public and what she learned and why it was the right move DoubleVerify.

In this expansive interview, she speaks about the prospects for an open web, the rising value of identity, the promise of CTV, the importance of dynamic creative optimization and how she would guide the  media agency model.

Great conversation.  Thank you Laura.

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I hope you enjoy the episode.

Editors Note:  After the August 9 convo with Lou, our next episode will drop on September 13.