Addressable advertising promises to give marketers more focused targeting of audiences while cutting spending on wasted viewer impressions. That data-driven approach requires more insights about consumers and their openness to seeing messages from sponsors.

Sean Muzzy, president of North America for addressable advertising company Matterkind, discusses the potential for its audience-based approach in Beet TV’s latest installment of “Trust in Partnership in a Time of Change” series presented by WarnerMedia and Xandr.

Linear TV can offer addressable advertising as networks couple their audience data with consumer information from other sources, Muzzy said.

“There’s been a lot of work on the network side on developing their own audience intelligence and data-driven products,” he said. “What we see as an opportunity is behind — connecting those pieces so that we can offer our clients greater control and visibility into their advertising.”

Interpublic Group (IPG) last month created Matterkind as part of a rebranding of its ad-tech services that harness consumer data from Acxiom. IPG two years ago acquired Acxiom for $2.3 billion as advertising agencies responded to growing demands from brands for data-driven marketing.

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