ORLANDO – P&G’s Marc Pritchard has goals for himself, for the Association of National Advertisers and for the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, a committee comprised of 27 participating brands, five agencies and major platforms that launched out of Cannes Lions in June. In three years, the group aims to eliminate toxic content completely from advertising.

That’s not all. By Cannes 2020, the ANA, which Pritchard is a part of, wants to accomplish a 100 percent accurate portrayal of all humans in advertising and to eliminate bias in advertising by Cannes 2022.

These are ambitious goals, but in this interview with Beet.TV at the CMO Growth Council conference where he was a featured speaker, Pritchard says he’s already seeing progress.

In figuring out better brand safety measurements through the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, Pritchard says work is being done to evaluate how toxic content – which he describes as “hateful” and “dangerous” – gets out there, how brands end up appearing and advertising against it, how advertising ends up funding “bad actors,” and how fraud figures in.

“Many of the platforms that were built were not necessarily built for advertising,” says Pritchard. “They were built for all sorts of content being loaded on there and there are some continuing issues around brand safety.”

Pritchard says steps are being put together in order to identify toxic content that will serve as part of the Alliance’s charter.

Nefarious content is just one battle Pritchard is participating in. Through ANA co-initiatives #SeeHer, #SeeAll and Free The Work, programs for which Pritchard serves as marketing co-chair, the industry is developing resources and services available to participating CMOs that cover pressing issues in advertising, including inclusion, diversity, equality and sustainability.

By helping to lead the way with P&G, the world’s biggest advertiser that controls a global budget of $7.1 billion, Pritchard sees progress is possible.

“It’s advanced a lot because people now have access to best practices [and] resources,” says Pritchard. “Shining the light on the importance of this has elevated our game when it comes to eliminating bias in our advertising.”

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