Advertising results are driven by many factors. But if there is one factor above all others, it is the creative messaging that drives it.

That is according to one ad-tech leader whose company aims to revolutionize how brands creative gets delivered.

“It is very hard to take creative out of this equation,” says Celtra CEO Mihael Mikak in this video interview with Beet.TV. “(You can’t just say), ‘Look, creative is going to deliver you X lift’ – it depends on what the creative input is.”

Celtra is a Boston-based company whose Creative Management Platform (CMP) is a production software for display, video, native and social advertisements.

More than that, however, it supports the creation and storage of individual creative assets for dynamically-generated campaigns, including campaign management.

“Celtra has over 4,000 brands on the platform every single month,”says Mikak. “We enable hundreds of billions of ads across the globe.

“It all starts with the ability to produce all these variants … (and determine) which audience gets to see what and what the conditions are. You can build the entire decision tree.

“Any aspect of the video can be modified. The software bakes all these versions in real-time and then connects the right piece of content with the right audience. Images and videos can be assembled with creative assets and then the output is a video file.”

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