Over the last year, some of the big national US TV networks have been rolling out advanced advertising capabilities allowing advertisers to plan a more targeted campaign, and measure the cross-screen effects.

But the local market doesn’t have to be left on the sidelines, says one ad-tech provider.

Alphonso‘s offering brings the ability to retarget consumers with ads on digital devices based on TV-viewing cues. It does that using audio content recognition build in to devices in its footprint, including smart TVs, mobile phones and set-top boxes.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Alphonso chief product officer Chaitanya Upadhyay says that can lead to two benefits at the local level, too.

Planning: “To know what ads are playing at what point and on what networks. This allows us to give to the local broadcasters stations a tool in which they can compare how a local advertiser’s doing on their network compared to other networks.”

Attribution: “Until now, we were looking at attribution on a national level, someone exposed to a national ad walking into a store that’s nationally known. But … local mom-and-pop shops, local advertisers such as pest control and home services … they’re advertising on these local broadcasters. We want to be able to measure attribution for them. How can we do it? With our viewership data, knowing who’s being exposed to these local advertisers, what is the (conversion) for the local advertiser in visiting the website, or visiting the location.”