PALM SPRINGS, Calif — When it launched a decade ago, it was purely an analytics suite for cross-platform video publishers. In time, TubeMogul expanded to take on a bigger role powering the advertising that powers video.

But now that ‘TubeMogul’ has become Adobe Advertising Cloud, it’s no longer mostly a video advertising company.

In mid 2015, we started building our display offering and since then we’ve expanded into native audio and a breadth of other formats,” explains Jon Levinson, who was TubeMogul’s senior director for partner development operations.

“At this point, I think we were already headed in this direction before the Adobe acquisition but the Adobe acquisition has absolutely accelerated our move towards a multi-channel and multi-format DSP. At this point, a vast majority, or a large majority of our spend comes from formats outside of video.

“We look at ourselves, not just as a video specialist, but one who focuses on a lot of other formats as well.”

Levinson is now senior manager for business development on Adobe’s AdCloud, following Adobe’s 2016 acquisition of TubeMogul.

The Emeryville, CA-based company was acquired by the digital media powerhouse for $540m..

At the time, Adobe’s logic majored on video and TV. Levinson still sees growth potential in that area.

“I think overall in video, our focus now for a couple of years has been and will continue to be premium and getting as much spend out of open exchange as possible and into true premium video,” he says.

“The kind of stuff that broadcasters or a Pandora or a newspaper company might sell because that’s really the quality content that drives the best engagement when ads are in front of or in the middle of it.”

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Levinson also says he sees challenges in GDPR and connected TV data sets.

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