Even as it continues trying to sooth concerns in the disrupted newspaper industry, Google this week showed its intentions in the emerging field of digital TV ad sales.

At its Partner Leadership Summit, Google announced a host of new TV advertising products inside DoubleClick for Publishers.

in this video interview with Beet.TV, Google’s Shane Peros brought a typically Google pitch to the industry – Google has the tools to help, and it wants to be open about it.

“Google’s doing a lot in this space, and we think we have unique ways to really partner with TV partners, both on the broadcast and the MVPD side, to really help them through this convergence of linear and digital, because that’s actually happening now,” says the MD for global broadcast, media and entertainment partnerships.

“Our partners are really asking us to help them through this convergence and really bolster their business”

Google this week announced a deal in which it would power the advertising for CBS’ All Access subscription streaming service.

Amongst its new product line-up are tools to help ad planners forecast seasonal TV viewership, dynamic ad insertion for both programmatic and direct-sold spots, and outstream video ad units, bringing video ads to non-video publishers.

Peros tells Beet.TV that Google has been powering dynamic ad insertion for NFL playoffs, The Masters, Bloomberg 24/7, AMC’s Walking Dead and CBS’ Star Trek Discovery.

So, what does the Mountain View company bring to the party that a slew of other video ad-tech vendors does not?

“We rebuilt our ad stack on the sell side from the ground up,” Peros adds. “We don’t have to build custom instances for our partners.

“What that really means to our partners (is), we’re going to move the entire industry forward, not one partner at a time.”

The soft sell may be necessary. It has taken some time for Google’s TV ambitions to come in to view. But not the emerging IP TV landscape has been clarified by recent moves made by several major networks.

Many in TV have long feared Google would gobble up the TV ad pie in the same way newspaper executives claim it has displaced news ad revenue. So Peros takes pains to suggest Google can help all boats rise.

“Probably nothing’s more important than we think about this open ecosystem,” he says. “Like I said, there’s a lot of players trying to figure this out. We’ve built our systems to be very open and integrate with other partners.”

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