COLOGNE – About a year ago, customer management provider Salesforce acquired data management platform Krux Digital, to keep pace with competitors like Adobe and Oracle. With Krux providing new muscle to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it has considerably upped the ante in leveraging brands’ first-party data.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Chief Strategy Officer Jon Suarez-Davis headed up marketing and strategy at Krux. Now that company’s DMP is helping mass marketers from ConAgra to Pernod Ricard take their first-party data and “unify it to individuals” to target them with dynamic creative, he explains in this interview with Beet.TV.

Conagra is using the Salesforce DMP “in a very progressive way,” Suarez-Davis says during a break the DMEXCO advertising and media trade show.

A case in point is how ConAgra uses comScore to blacklist cookies or IDs that may be associated with fraud or bad traffic, then ingests that data into the Salesforce DMP to ensure the company doesn’t bid against any of it, as AdExchanger reports.

Additionally, ConAgra uses the DMP to improve cross-device media and creative sequencing.

Pernod Ricard has used the Salesforce DMP so that its Malibu brand can use its first-party data to target Facebook users using Facebook Leads. The resulting data are then absorbed into the cloud to be used to locate more lookalike models, or “who is the next best customer and what is the right content to deliver to them,” Suarez-Davis says.

“Traditional mass marketers are taken first-party data and really elevating the ability to target that in multiple channels,” he adds.

Although he’s frequently asked about digital transparency in Salesforce’s operations, Suarez-Davis says it’s never been an issue because of how the company values its customers’ trust.

“We don’t sell media nor do we monetize data. We provide a platform that allows marketers and publishers, buyers and sellers, to use that data to increase the effectiveness of their marketing investment and also to drive more value for publishers.”

In this regard, Salesforce can be likened to Switzerland, according to Suarez-Davis.

“We integrate with all the major players.”

This video is part a series that examines programmatic from both the seller and the buyer perspective. It is presented by PubMatic. For more videos from the series, please visit this page.