The talking is over, the forecasts are becoming reality. The time is now for the age when advertisers and media buyers can better target their television ad buys using datasets beyond basic age and gender.

So says one veteran media buyer who now helps enable the opportunity for peers through one of the major digital platforms.

“As someone who worked at media agencies for my whole career, primarily as a TV buyer,
what’s been remarkable and transformative is how the way TV is planned and bought and sold is really changing,” says Adobe Advertising Cloud GM Todd Gordon in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“Right now, we’re at a tipping point when it comes to data-driven TV. You see major players increasingly making investment … NBCU’s announcement leading up to the upfront that they were going to do $1 billion sales …”

The last few years has been marked by a lot of talk about the opportunity – specifically, for brands and their buyers to bring either their own customer datasets or third-party datasets to the table when constructing TV ad buys.

But, in the last year in particular, the talking has stopped. Turner, Viacom and Fox announced OpenAP, their gateway to help buyers do just that. And NBUx launched NBCUx to do the same.

“The last few months, we’re really starting to see that come to fruition,” adds Gordon, who held positions at MediaCom and Magna Global before joining TubeMogul and then Adobe, via its acquisition of the video platform.

But Gordon also recognizes advertisers have a growing demand for clearer understanding on how their budgets are spent in complex digital systems.

“We think it’s critical to enable third-party auditing,” he says. “For everyone involved in the ecosystem … the greater transparency that is offered, the greater opportunity for us to move the business forward.”