CANNES — Artificial intelligence is promising the touch and revolutionize every industry on the planet – even journalism.

Already, algorithms are beginning to take the basic inputs of data and write coherent narratives,

But one top magazine editor doesn’t believe robots will be calling the shots in the newsroom any time soon.

“I’m not terribly worried that a robot is going to replace me,” Fortune executive editor Adam Lashinsky tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “But, as I go out and report on other industries, what does occur to me is that all of our industries need to figure out ways for the machine to do the repetitive nonsense that machines are better at, so we can focus on thinking deep thoughts.

In recent years, Fortune has been revolutionized by a new approach to online presentation, alongside its traditional print operation.

And, despite advances in natural language processing and the emergence of robo-writer,s Lashisnky, who admits to coming frmo the old school of journalism, believes humans will continue to rule the roost.

“Professional editors with great wisdom should determine great news coverage,” he says.

“I’ll always believe that humans… editors with deep experience of what works should be making these decisions. But they would be foolish not to be using the other tools to help them make those decisions.”