One of the world’s top ad agencies is well used to making messages for TV screens – but TBWA also sees an opportunity to break free from that screen.

Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, TBWA’s global chief creative officer Chris Garbutt says: “There’s never been a more exciting time for storytelling. All these new opportunities have shown up in the most surprising places.”

Same goes for TBWA’s own productions lately, which include executions specifically built for Snapchat, bedroom walls and the streets of Tokyo. Garbutt gave Beet.TV the low-down on his favourite recent campaign highlights.

Tokyo (Adidas, 2017):

“The team found all the data to do with the traffic-light systems of Tokyo. With street running, you don’t want to wait for a red light to change, you want to keep running. They synced all the green lights with an app on a mobile phone, and created an experience all based on data, unlocking the potential of street running, the seamless joy of continuing the run through the city.”

Snapchat (Gatorade, 2016):

For Gatorade, TBWA helped build an old-school tennis game inside the social network, in partnership with Serena Williams

“We’ve been looking to where the audience is already engaged,” Garbutt says. “Snapchat was a great opportunity to gasify an experience. It was hugely successful.

Wallpaper (Castorama, 2017):

“(For French DIY store Castorama), we created wallpaper, which is a product they were selling in the store, with characters printed on the wallpaper, for bedtime stories. It’s an interactive experience with your mobile phone – you can point your phone at the wallpaper and the wallpaper tells you a bedtime story.”

This segment is part of the Beet.TV lead-up to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. 2017. The series is presented by Storyful. For more from the series, please visit this page.