CANNES — Twitter says it wants to help down-play shady user-generated content (UGC) in the advertising offerings it serves up to big agencies.

in this video interview with Beet.TV, Twitter agency development director Stephanie Prayer says the network is trying to soothe brands’ concerns over the safety of environments in which ordinary folk publish their own content.

“Twitter can solve a lot of their brand safety concerns,” she says. “We have really stringent abuse policies. Coupled with the machine learning that we’re starting to use, any not-safe content on the platform is removed instantly.

“We’re doubling-down on video because it brings us the ability to bring in a depth of content that’s premium and publisher-based. We can weed out the UGC and make this an environment that’s safe for advertisers, to alleviate a lot of concerns.”

Twitter has been less impacted than YouTube by this year’s consternation over the appearance of brand advertisers’ messages against questionable content.

But the social service is also on its own mission to gobble higher video ad CPMs by launching a range of video services and partnerships live.

Prager points to recently-inked deals with Bloomberg, Cheddar and others as examples.

“We’ve made video a first-class citizen not he platform,” she adds. “We have a scaleable solution across 200+ premium publishers that brands can attach their preroll ads to. There’s no UGC.”