Judging digital video campaigns based on the success metric of actual business outcomes can solve industry problems beyond calculating direct ROI, according to the CEO of video marketing technology provider Eyeview.

“We’re trying to get brands, agencies and the ecosystem to move away from all this arbitrary proxy metrics of clicks and completions and demo targeting,” says Oren Harnevo.

It’s as basic as “Did I help to sell more cars off the lot, did I sell more product, did I win more market share?”

Eyeview’s solution centers on its VideoIQ® programmatic video platform. The company doesn’t actually measure results of video campaigns but uses third-party vendors like Nielsen Catalina, J.D. Power and Cardlytics.

“We make sure every campaign we run for our brands has third-party measurement on it,” Harnevo says in this interview during the recent Beet.TV Leadership Summit titled Outcomes and presented by Eyeview. “We think that’s where the industry is going to get.”

Optimizing toward third-party measurement cures many ills. “Suddenly, you buy media better,” says Harnevo. “Suddenly it’s viewable because you know what, if it’s not viewable it’s not going to sell. You see less fraud. You create more advanced story telling.”

Just as consumers watching video don’t make distinctions about which screen they happen to be using, neither does Eyeview. It’s looking to target specific people and bring them the most personalized stories possible.

Eyeview sees its mainstays as desktop and mobile, but addressable television “is growing really fast,” Harnevo says. “That’s a growing part of our business.” Social media also is on an upswing “and is only going to grow more,” he adds.

Eyeview currently works on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and soon Snapchat and other platforms.

Harnevo stresses the distinction between a company that buys media, which it does not, and one that buys audiences. Eyeview’s in-house designers, visual effects and animation specialists produce and edit broadcast-quality video ads tailored to specific business goals.

“We’ve found that it’s really important to be able to be that creative storyteller and the people who actually decide which audience to buy,” Harnevo says.

To learn more about Eyeview’s approach to using data, audience, media and creative work in tandem to drive measurable results across video and digital media, visit this page.

This video is part of a Beet.TV leadership summit on video outcomes presented by Eyeview. For more videos from event, please visit this page.