BARCELONA — All the world is a mobile screen – but that doesn’t mean mobile advertising can use a one-size-fits-all approach.

That is according to one exec running mobile strategy within a media agency.

“There’s so much mobile consumption, the inventory is potentially infinite in supply,” MEC Interaction mobile head Jide Sobo tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “We need to be careful not to overburden consumers with too much advertising.

“It’s great for publishers and Facebook to increase their yield by putting more adverts in there – but you need to be careful about the experience.”

Sobo is a long-time mobile marketer who focuses on spotting and integrating new technologies for MEC.

Whilst he calls the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat “siloed” “wall gardens”, they are crucial partners, he says.

“We’re seeing great traction but it’s an individual, siloed play, rather than being able to talk to people in their entirety across the mobile web,” Sobo tells us. “We need to keep an open perspective to be able to reach people all of the time.

“The problem is, on the mobile web, there is less data available. It’s a pay-off between data and larger reach.

“It’s super-important to create and develop different adverts for each platform. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you need to have different creative.”

This video was produced in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The series is sponsored by Turner. Please visit this page for additional segments from MWC.