Every year I provide Beet.TV audiences with the most relevant takeaways and insights I’ve found at CES for the advertising and media industry.

CES 2017 proved to be a year that foreshadows incredible impact on the advertising industry. With the ‘Internet of EVERYthing’ and autonomous devices, shopping behaviors and the consumer touch points brands have today will be radically affected. If your washing machine automatically reorders your detergent, why would you ever switch brands? It would require more work. Advertising was founded on the core tenet that exposure to it can impact purchasing decisions and even spawn impulse buying. How can a consumer make an impulse purchase if they no longer shop?! And this is only one more mountain for retail to climb.

I go on to discuss other tipping points like the death of the UI and keyboard, as well as the continual incremental improvements in resolution of TVs, processing power, memory and the ubiquity of 5G. VR was lacking the presence I expected it to have, well, at least VR content creators.

After taking you through my Top 5 of the show, I examine in detail the impact these technologies may have on advertising and media, as well as affect on us as human beings. In my eyes, we are more connected than ever, but yet so out of touch.

– Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp