LAS VEGAS — Discovery Communications already has its own data management and optimisation platform for linear TV ad trading. Now it wants to bring it back to digital, too.

“Discovery Engage, which is our linear optimisation platform, we started on the linear side,” Discovery Communication data analytics VP Sam Garfield tells beet.TV in this video interview. “We’re looking to broaden it out later to more the digital side as well.”

Discovery’s platform can ingest advertiser targets to better fuel media buys. And Garfield says this year he will add more such data to make the targeting more precise.

“This year is about bringing in additional data sets, working with additional data providers to look at what’s possible and be innovative in the space,” he adds.

But that doesn’t mean Garfield thinks full addressability will take over all of TV advertising.

“It’s still the early days,” he says. “To be able to reach broad scale in a branding opportunity will always be there.

“It’s interesting, but there are some hurdles. The data and technology are there to make it happen. But the hurdles (are) the business rules (in the TV industry).”

This video was produced as part Beet.TV’s coverage of CES 2017 presented by 605. For more videos from the series, please visit this page.