For some time now, TVs have been king at the annual CES show and they still will be in 2017, but data is the big opportunity too, says Doug Ray, U.S. CEO of media agency Carat. At the show, he’ll be checking out what’s new in 4K, 8K OLED, as well as connected TVs and over-the top, he told Beet.TV in this pre-show interview.

Also at CES, Ray will host a “fireside chat” with Hulu, looking at where the online TV service is today and where it’s going. “With the landscape of data changing so quickly, our ability to leverage their data to create better experiences for clients to connect linear TV experiences with non-linear TV is what we need to do to maximize the TV platforms,” Ray says.

He also touched on the risks and opportunities in the shifting over-the-top landscape. Carat analyzed video viewing from 2009 to today, and has seen a 16% increase in total hours consumed. The challenge is some of those platforms can’t be monetized. “We are working with many platform companies about how to leverage their data and create some partnerships to be as targeted and as addressable as we can in the formats that support ads, and in some non-supportive platforms we look at how to integrate into that content.”

This interview is part of our series “The Road to CES,” a lead-up series in advance of CES 2017. The series is presented by FreeWheel. Please find more videos from the series here.