MIAMI – Lots of attention has been paid to data surrounding the two minutes of local television time that can be devoted to addressable advertising. But national programmers haven’t had access to this data bonanza, which is something that analytics provider 605 hopes to change.

The launch of 605 was announced on November 10 by Dolan Family Ventures at the same time that DFV said it had acquired Analytics Media Group, a pioneer in the use of set-top box data. In an interview with Beet.TV, 605 Co-Founder (along with CEO Kristin Dolan) and President Ben Tatta says the company will continue AMG’s work while branching out to assist TV programmers.

“Addressable was really focused on the two minutes of local time an hour and the national programmers really don’t necessarily have access to that because it’s been sold by the local cable systems,” Tatta says. “We think there’s also use and application of the data for curating programming and scheduling and getting better intelligence on how content should be distributed using this dataset.”

AMG’s work for certain clients has consisted largely of matching transactions against ad exposures to see which ads are the best performers. This involves processing “literally billions of records a week. It’s where the magic happens in terms of the real data crunching,” he says.

Turning its attention to programmers, 605 “is just scratching the surface on the applications beyond advertising,” but it envisions offering a full set of analytics solutions, Tatta explains in response to a question from interviewer Matt Spiegel of MediaLink. “Everything from tools and insights for the curation of programming, the marketing of programming to measuring things like tune in and tune in conversion, all the way to ad sales where this can be packaged for their own resale,” says Tatta.

The offerings will include ROI analytics programmers can show to their advertisers plus indexing of shows and networks based on audience composition.

Programmers have been “somewhat disenfranchised from all this data,” Tatta says.

This interview was conducted at Beet Retreat 2016: The Transformation of Television Advertising, an executive retreat presented by Videology with AT&T AdWorks and the 605. Please find more videos from the event here.