Covid-19 Shows Social Networks Can Fight Misinformation: eMarketer’s Enberg

VIA BEETCAM — They have spent the last few years getting in hot water for struggling to combat misinformation. But could coronavirus be the moment social networks prove they can guide users to accurate news when they really want to? That could be the case, according to eMarketer senior analyst for global trends Jasmine Enberg. The […]


Brands Moving Money In Response To Trust Crisis: eMarketer’s Ramsey

The last year has seen a perfect storm hit the marketing industry – brand safety concerns, agency strife, GDPR and Facebook’s data scandal. In response, the industry is seeing a big movement of money, from platforms now deemed undesirable, to alternative channels brands find more appealing. So says Geoff Ramsey, chairman of marketing analysis company […]


Mediavest | Spark Sees Addressable Outpacing Programmatic, OTT Television

Within the triad that is advanced or precision television advertising, household addressable has clearly moved ahead of programmatic and over-the-top in terms of marketer adoption for clients of Mediavest | Spark. “Addressable is now regular course of business for a number of our clients,” says Jonathan Bokor, SVP, Director of Advanced Media for the Publicis […]


Half of Digital Video Ad Spend in 2018 Will be Mobile, eMarketer’s Hallerman

When advertising spend for digital video doubles to $12 billion by 2018 in the U.S., half of that will be around mobile platforms, says David Hallerman, Principal Analyst at eMarketer, in this interview with Beet.TV.  By mobile, he means both wi-fi-connected devices and phone devices connect via cellular. We spoke with him about the growth […]


Online Video $4.1 Billion Biz Heading into NewFronts, Still Needs Standards

Events like the upcoming NewFronts will play an important part in driving digital video from a $4.1 billion business to an $9 billion business over the next three years, says Jordan Bitterman, Senior VP at Digitas in an interview with Beet.TV, citing recent benchmark figures from eMarketer. On the eve of the NewFronts, kicking off […]