ORLANDO – Advertisers are cottoning on to one of modern marketing’s key challenges – how to address a customer nowadays when they leave different pieces of themselves on different devices?

The solution lays in combining data sets in to a single customer “identity” profile. But, already, that discipline is transforming in to more than just combining and deduplicating, according to one ad-tech exec.

“A lot of people think that if I have an email address, postal address or cookie, I have some type of cookie,”according to Neustar marketing and communications SVP Steven Wolfe Pereira. “The reality is, you don’t. You only have one dimension. How can you do people-based marketing if you don’t understand identity?

“We think this is evolving, much more than just data. You need to understand connection. The next generation of this is going to be about connection science – understanding not just the analytics, but also how you address things and the authentication to connect all three.”

Neustar is an ad-tech company offering data management platform, customer data intelligence, marketing analytics, activation, compliance solutions and fraud detection.

The company just helped the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) judge its Genius awards.

“Everything is going to become connected – whether it’s products and services, communications and commerce, online and offline,” Wolfe Pereira adds. “How do you connect people, places and things?

We interviewed him at the ANA Masters of Marketing annual meeting in Orlando. This video is part of a series produced at the conference. Beet’s coverage is sponsored by Cadent. For more videos from the series,please visit this page.