The paradigm of audiences, content, branding and marketing has been “completely subverted in the past five years,” says YuMe’s Stephanie Gaines. It’s no longer about brands, marketing and content as separate entities but the context of audiences, demographics and psychographics.

“If you build with an audience first strategy you’re keeping in mind all of those things which will, at the end of the day, build a better branding and messaging campaign,” says Gaines, who is VP of Corporate Marketing for the multi-screen video advertising technology provider.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Gaines acknowledges the importance of cross-screen consumer experiences while looking at the bigger picture. “You’re really able to reach audiences across not just devices but really across the globe. What better way to build a global audience than through a cross-screen campaign,” Gaines says.

It is this focus on globalization that Gaines finds “very exciting as we come up to DMEXCO,” the international conference and exhibition event scheduled for Sept. 14 and 15 in Cologne.

“We believe strongly in the big events and big branded experiences you can create at DMEXCO,” Gaines says. “It allows you to create an environment where you can have a long, ongoing conversation with your partners in one place. It is the place to be for European and global brands where you can get everything done in two days.”

YuMe’s booth at DMEXCO 2016 will feature “connected living room experiences,” Gaines says. The company also will be showcasing new research related to “this aspect of global audiences and how you best reach them.”

Asked about emerging technologies like 360 video, Gaines borrows a quote she heard recently that she believes captures this moment in time: “The conversation right now about 360 is really about the conversation.”

And while that’s true for the time being, Gaines anticipates lots of activity. “In the very short-term future there are going to be real solutions, real tools and real products, and we’re starting to create that road map and work with our clients and show them what that road map is,” Gaines says.

Successes like Pokémon GO show the strength of augmented reality and combining the physical world and digital world. “There’s a lot of interest right now in VR and AR not because of the technology and solution because the end game is how do you engage consumers,” adds Gaines.

This video is part of “The Road to DMEXCO ’16,” a lead-up series with key influencers on the topics and trends to be addressed at DMEXCO. This series is presented by YuMe. Please visit this page for additional segments.