Anna Bager doesn’t need bulky goggles to see the potential of augmented and virtual reality technology for brand marketers. The SVP and GM of Mobile and Video for the Internet Advertising Bureau expects to hear lots of discussion about the subject at the upcoming DEMEXCO 2016 confab in Cologne.

“I was a big skeptic in the beginning,” Bager says in an interview with Beet.TV. “I’ve kind of changed my mind. It’s definitely an area where we see that brands are incredibly interested.”

This year marks Bager’s fourth trip to DEMEXCO. She will be involved in two sessions, one of which will focus on cross-device measurement—something the IAB likens to “liquid” creativity and marketing.

“It’s all about cross-screen content that is liquid across screens, and consumers that are also liquid…moving like water through different screens and content,” Bager says. “This year we’re taking it one step up with some research focusing on it.”

She notes that the technology of AR/VR and 360-degree video is no longer a big hurdle and it’s become less expensive for marketers to take the plunge and engage with consumers.

“I think there are many situations in life, whether we’re on a plane or commuting to work or by ourselves in the living room, where we really would like interact with content in that way,” Bager says.

As with other digital technology, the IAB’s role in AR/VR is helping the industry understand its marketing potential, potentially setting guidelines “and maybe down the line creating standards that will make it even easier and reduce some of the friction,” says Bager.

This video is part of “The Road to DMEXCO ’16,” a lead-up series with key influencers on the topics and trends to be addressed at DMEXCO. This series is presented by YuMe. Please visit this page for additional segments.