When Cardlytics was founded in 2008, using banking data to inform more targeted advertising campaigns was “just a twinkle in the eye” of its founders. They were happy to be able to connect marketers with online mobile banking customers based on their behavioral attributes.

Now, within about 48 hours, agencies can determine from Cardlytics how to target a particular campaign to an addressable television household and what the campaign measurement outputs should be, according to Chris Harter, SVP of Television Partnerships. This is made possible by a “data translation layer” with companies like Experian and Equifax, Chris Harter said in an interview last week in Manhattan during the Beet.TV Leadership Summit on cross-screen addressability.

After an addressable TV campaign has run, Cardlytics can help to determine whether households exposed to certain commercials made transactions via credit or debit cards, online bill payment systems or old fashioned paper checks. The company does not “touch” personally identifiable information, according to Harter.

“What is powerful about this particular combination is where some data providers in this part of the world have to aggregate up to a category level” when showing the efficacy of a campaign, Harter said. With Cardlytics, it’s on a merchant level or a specific set of competing marketers.

“It’s really exciting here in 2016,” said Harter. “When we started this in 2008, TV was just a twinkle in the eye. I think we understood somewhere that the data could get there. When you take it across screens, it gets even more exciting.”

This video was produced at the Beet.TV leadership summit in New York on cross-platform addressability on July 26. The event and the series is presented by DISH Media Sales and Experian Marketing Services. Please visit this page to find additional videos from the summit.