Is Addressable TV Ready For Prime-Time? A Panel Discusses

TV ads targeted through addressable linear platforms made up just 0.1% of total us TV ad spend in 2014, according to eMarketer. And industry executives seem at loggerheads over the extent to which the prospect is really making in-roads. Asked what impact sellers of TV properties on addressable platforms had made during the recent US TV upfront […]


Auto Firms Get 4x ROI From Addressable TV Ads, Experian Says

The possibility to target individual viewers ad households, through the medium that, previously, reached only mass audiences, is slowly emerging. So-called “addressable” TV is today deployed in roughly 45m to 50m US homes, according to various figures. But who is buying the ads, and who stands to benefit most? One vendor enabling the new TV future with […]


Target TV Ads Using Consumers’ Bank Accounts, Cardlytics’ Harter Says

If, in the new age of advertising, marketers will only pay for ads that produce a verified sale, that could give banks a front-row seat. After all, it is the banks which have full sight of what their customers are actually buying. That’s the space in which Cardlytics is operating. The eight-year-old, Atlanta-based company is using its network […]


Experian: Turning A ‘Small Piece Of The Truth’ Into Scalable Advertising Targets

Trying to reach left-handed nurses who like to bowl? The process starts with “a small piece of the truth” that Experian Marketing Services teases into a scalable advertising target. Explaining the evolution of Experian’s work with television providers, Kevin Heindl, who is Director of Partner & Advertiser Solutions, said the company used to solve the […]


DISH Building Out Sling Measurement System In Prelude To Combined Inventory

For DISH Media Sales, addressable television is both a futures and a future market. The former relates to uncertainty over when addressable inventory will run, while the latter is the eventual blending of DISH linear ads and ads on the company’s Sling service. “When you think about buying an audience with addressable television it’s a […]


Agencies Want TV Operators To Stop ‘Hoarding’ Ad Data: GroupM, Publicis & IPG Execs Explain

Ad agencies know that old-style TV measurement panels are not sufficient to support the addressable TV future. The problem is, TV platform operators are not giving them the data they need either. A panel debate convened by Beet.TV heard agency executives responsible for new-wave connected TV targeting were bearish on the suitability of traditional measurement firms […]


Experian’s Danaher Wants To Get Beyond Addressable’s Early Adopters

Measurement of addressable TV ad campaigns has grown fast – but the technology providers still need to work hard to sell the opportunity beyond early-adopters advertisers That’s the view of one ad data vendor making in-roads in to the new world of addressable. “We’re getting a lot of the early adopters,” according to Experian’s TV partnerships […]


Tru Optik Finds Better Ads From Knowing Actual Viewer Behaviour

If you were HBO, trying to convince consumers to subscribe to watch Game Of Thrones via HBO Go, you could target people Google for the show – or you could go straight to those already watching via unofficial channels. That’s what ad-tech vendor Tru Optik is helping media and entertainment brands accomplish. The Stamford, CT-based […]


Advertisers Must Overcome Addressable TV Sticker Shock: DISH’s Joglekar

TV ads targeted at individual households may be more expensive than those traditionally delivered through the medium – but advertisers should compare prices with digital, not with the box in the living room, says a TV ad exec. The looming promise of addressable TV holds the potential to target ads at individual viewers or households. But […]


Expense, Difficulty Are Misconceptions About Addressable TV: Experian’s Danaher

Now that television networks finally have personally identifiable information about their viewers from over-the-top services, they’re better able to sell their audiences to advertisers. But misconceptions about addressable TV are still common, according to the Director of Television Solutions at Experian Marketing Services. “The networks as we all know never used to have any PII […]


Addressable TV Buying Will Be Unified within Three Years, GroupM’s Bologna, while Cadreon’s DeHaen & Publicis’ Scheppach See Long Road Ahead

What people collectively “addressable TV” refers to the opportunity to target individual TV viewers or their households with data-driven adverts. But that opportunity is really delivered through a complex mish-mash of competing platforms, each with their own, quite different capabilities and reporting mechanisms. For ad execs that continue complaining about “silos”, welcome to Siloville. “The ecosystem is […]


DISH: Insurers Using Addressable TV To Activate Lapsed Policyholders, Target Niches

While automobiles and insurance have long gone hand in hand, the auto category was among the first to embrace addressable TV ads. Now insurance companies are jumping on board, not only to activate lapsed homeowner policyholders but also to focus on niches like motorcycle coverage. In an interview last week in Manhattan during the Beet.TV […]


Experian’s Pinnow: Addressable TV Sophisticated But Not Difficult

Putting technology aside, one of the biggest hurdles facing the growth of addressable television advertising—along with addressable ads on other platforms—is that of perception, according to the Director of Product Marketing for Experian Marketing services. “The biggest challenge is people think addressable TV advertising is sophisticated,” Brienna Pinnow said in an interview last week in […]


Cardlytics: From Mobile Banking Deals To Addressable TV Data Player

When Cardlytics was founded in 2008, using banking data to inform more targeted advertising campaigns was “just a twinkle in the eye” of its founders. They were happy to be able to connect marketers with online mobile banking customers based on their behavioral attributes. Now, within about 48 hours, agencies can determine from Cardlytics how […]


Tru Optik Goes Over The Top To Track Media Consumption Of 500 Million People

For brands and media companies that want to reach audiences like Millennials, multicultural households and homes with kids, over-the-top is “becoming less of an opportunity than a necessity,” according to the co-founder of Tru Optik, Andre Swanston. Tru Optik boasts the world’s largest census-level database of global OTT media consumption. Specifically, anonymized information—gathered without cookies—about […]


Experian Looking To ‘Unite The Nations’ In Cross-Channel Targeting, Measurement

In less than two decades, Experian has evolved from a direct marketing provider with roots in snail mail and email to a big player in cross-channel solutions. Now it would like to expand its measurement capabilities in linear television, but that will require media owners to “play nice” so that everyone can benefit. “That is […]


DISH: Infrastructure, Not Inventory, Holding Back Greater Addressable TV Scale

If anything is holding back the growth of addressable television advertising, it’s not lack of inventory. DISH Media Sales, for example, manages some six million 30-second, addressable commercial spots each year, according to its VP of Media Sales & Analytics, Adam Gaynor. But for advertisers to deal with addressable TV operators and their existing technology […]