CANNES — In June at Cannes Lions, Merkle, the independent data-driven ad-tech company, announced the launch of its Programmatic Addressable Marketplace, the latest ad targeting product to hit the market.

As the company put it at the time, “PAM represents the industry’s first premium programmatic advertising solution that enables deterministic, people-based targeting and measurement across premium publisher audiences and inventory.”

What does that mean, in plain English? Mac Delaney, Merkle’s head of programmatic, clarifies in this Beet.TV video interview.

“This is essentially working with publishers like News Corp to bring their data online in the very same way that Google Customer Match and Facebook has been doing for years, so that they can connect their registered users with an actual marketer’s data,” he says.

MediaPost reported the marketplace “allows marketers to use first- and third-party data to identify and locate individuals to target advertisements across publisher sites rather than just apps like Facebook”.

To Delaney, who previously worked at Publicis’ VivaKi and Starcom MediaVest Group, there is an echo from the past.

“This is where you can actually begin to model predictively, the same way we’ve been doing for years in direct mail and in email, but do it in a digital way across these digital publishers,” he adds.

“In a way, what’s old is new again.”


This video was produced  by Beet.TV at the Rubicon Project’s Rooftop Summit on Automated Advertising at Cannes Lions 2016.   The series is sponsored by the RubiconProject.   For more videos from the series, please visit this page.