LAS VEGAS  – Experian Marketing Services and Neustar have upped the ante in the ongoing arms race that is the onboarding and activation of offline, first-party data to more precisely plan and measure cross-platform advertising campaigns. Their partnership announced today also brings new potential for identifying and targeting viewers in addressable television households.

The two consumer data giants say their pooled assets yield better scale, quality and more channels. Beyond simple onboarding of customer relationship management audiences, advertisers can also onboard audience segments derived from such transactions as point-of-sale data, credit card purchases and more.

For example, a brand marketer could find a particular type of customer as categorized in its CRM database across as many channels as possible, “across cookie, mobile ad ID or addressable TV,” Neustar’s VP of Product Management Identity, Ian Campbell, says in an interview with Beet.TV.

“The idea behind the offering is to basically help marketers activate the data better to have a more scale higher quality and more channels of activation,” Campbell says. “The challenges for the marketer right now in this particular area is actually trying to get data to activate properly and actually accurately reach their customers.”

Neustar has various partnerships in the addressable TV space, so it’s familiar with the territory. According to Campbell, the partnership with Experian enhances cross-channel activation. “So you could take an audience, for example, of online users or people who browsed a website and bring them across to TV and activate them in the addressable channel,” Campbell explains.

We interviewed Campbell in Las Vegas at the beginning of an Experian company conference.