LONDON — The last couple of decades have been marked out by a rapid focus on digital media business models. Now digital is joining up with other media channels. But Mike Baker wants them all to blend together entirely.

“The digital migration is not complete until it disappears,” says Baker, chief of DataXu, an ad-tech vendor bringing data science to the planning of ads on digital media and, increasingly in video and TV.

“What I mean by that is, once the devices and data are connected up, then it’s all just marketing and advertising again; the silos disappear. The culmination of that is the disappearance of TV in to this broader movement.”

DataXu began in 2009, at the cusp of the programmatic boom, starting by empowering advertisers’ digital display. Since then, it has branched out in to mobile and, latterly, video and TV, culminating this year in a $10 million investment from UK pay TV platform leader Sky.

Baker is using math to dream up more efficiency for advertisers.

“Could I frequency-cap against a desired audience to show a number of advertisements in a month over all devices, either at the person level or the household level, or the market level?,” he wonders.

“Can we work towards a sentiment shift for a product… by a/b testing users, By looking at their internet activity post-exposure to TV?”

This video was produced in London as part of our Addressable & Advanced TV Summit hosted by Sky Media and presented by FreeWheel and Invidi.   Please visit this page for additional segments from the event.