With several companies having helped popularize the format, it is testament to the growing position of so-called “out-stream” video ads that there is now a supply-side ad platform (SSP) dedicated to them.

ConvertMedia is that SSP, helping publishers deploy video ad units on text web pages and sell to buyers, in 15 different variants.

Company chief revenue officer and president Chris Scott, the former Admeld, Criteo and Yieldmo exec who joined in February, tells Beet.TV that ConvertMedia is gaining more partnerships with demand-side partners, too.

“TubeMogul, Videology, and Index are integrating with us,” he says. “We see that as a powerful testament to what we’re doing. A lot of agencies will now be able to buy through those partners.”

Back in January, ConvertMedia issued a milestones press release declaring 100 premium publishing customers, revenue doubled year-on-year and a billion monthly video impressions.

“We’re now well north of that,” Scott tells Beet.TV, referring to the customer count. “We’re getting in to a lot more tier-one publishers.”

Agencies think out-stream video ads will be more important than in-stream or banner ads to their clients, according to a Forrester report published last year.

This video is part of series titled Beyond the Pre-Roll presented by ConvertMedia.  The series has been produced at Cannes Lions  2016. For additional segments, please visit this page.