Having rushed to the bottom of the funnel when the agency first executed addressable television ads, Publicis Groupe’s Starcom MediaVest Group has been mining the upper funnel of late and finding potential for marketers beyond autos and financial services.

Experience at the bottom of the funnel proved that TV drives actual sales, according to Tracey Scheppach, EVP, Publicis Precision Video.

“Unfortunately when we raced to the bottom of the funnel we forgot about the other layers of the funnel,” Scheppach says.

One of the things SMG has done is to combine location data—big data coming from mobile phones and off of TV—and combining them at the agency’s “safe haven,” Acxiom. This activity falls within SMG’s Maps platform, launched this time last year.

“We’ve done three campaigns with Maps and seen phenomenal results,” Scheppach says. “For example, we see for a tourist advertiser that we sent a message to you and you actually visited the locale that you were interested in. For an auto we can show that you’ve actually visited the showroom, or for a retailer that you actually went to the store.”

Along with a bigger addressable advertising footprint by Comcast, SMG foresees a big move into the addressable TV space by pharmaceutical marketers as soon as the ad formats move from 30 seconds to 60.

“I think you will see a significant increase in some of the pharmaceutical companies that are willing to do addressable television,” Scheppach says.

We interviewed her at the Videology Full Frontal Conference in New York.  Please watch other videos from Beet’s coverage here