BARCELONA — Much of the unconnected world is coming on to the internet, skipping landline broadband. But advertisers should beware serving up the same old experience, because one man’s internet is different from another’s.

Asked to name a big trend at the recent Mobile World Congrress event, mobile ad server and measurement software maker MediaLets CEO Richy Glassberg said: “We’re seeing a ton of companies from India, from China, from Indonesia, APAC, LatAm, Africa – that’s really exciting to see this growth across the whole spectrum of mobile advertising.”

But Glassberg sounded a note of caution – the readiness for rich media advertising in these places is not yet fully-formed.

“Everybody’s talking about 5G and all that future stuff in 2018,” he said. “The reality is there’s hundreds of millions of people moving online – 300m+ in India by June, 250m in Indonesia this year – in 2G and 3G.

“We have to remember, advertising in its basic principle to get all these consumers online from flip phones and to entry-level smartphones. They’re on a slower connection. While everyone wants to talk about video, to get the mass in emerging markets, you have to realise the connectivity is very different.”

Medialets recently partnered to power digital communications consultancy Millward Brown’s mobile measurement.

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